English for 554 Blanket Coat


"554 Blanket Coat" is such a cosy item that we are delighted with you choosing this at the change of season (for the Northern hemisphere) 

Below are English translations for the pattern pieces. Should you have any questions let us know emailing hello at bridgeword.com or contact your shop where your pattern comes from. 


Thank you for choosing to sew Couleure Patterns. 

Yuriko Takahashi, founder & designer 


Notes for the Back piece.


Notes for the Front piece.



Notes for the sleeve pattern. 



English for 694/ MA-1 Jacket


Thank you for choosing to sew the "694 MA-1 Jacket." 

Today we are posting translation for the pattern pieces. (Those rectangles could look like anything! ) 

We hope these will be of any assistance and should you have any questions, please let us know by emailing hello at bridgeword.com or contact your favourite shop where you purchased your pattern. 



English for 652 / 2 Sleeve- design Side-panel blouse

English for 652 / 2 Sleeve- design Side-panel blouse


Here are the steps translated into English. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact hello[at.]bridgeword.com


Happy sewing! We'd love to hear how you enjoyed it. 









SLEEVE A  (see below for sleeve B) 



- Apply interfacing on the back of the Front-facing and Back-facing.

前見返し(裏) →Front-facing (wrong side)

後見返し(裏) →Back-facing(wrong side)


- Make a loop as shown. <See blog>

- Sew large stitches of Easing stitching(いせ)on both sleeves, between the notches. 

合い印 →Notches, notions

荒ミシン → large stitches that can be removed later. 



- Sew the side-panels, right sides together. Overlock the raw edges, press open.

You can press towards the Front body, depending on the weight of the fabric or your preference.



-Sew the shoulders, right sides together. Overlock the raw edges, press open.

You can press towards the back piece if you wish so.


- Sew the Front & Back facings, right sides together. 

Overlock the edges. Press the seams open as shown. 

端をロック始末 →Overlock the raw edges. 



- Sew the neckline(衿ぐり).

-Place the Facing and Front&Back pieces, right-side together. 

-Place the loop on the right side of the slash opening. 

-Sew around the neck opening. 

☆ Tip ☆

Start sewing the left side in small stitches. Leave the needle in, then cut a little slash opening, place the loop and continue sewing. This will prevent from sewing the loop's ends on the left side. 

-Cut the unnecessary seamallowance to 0.5cm. Turn to the right side and understitch around the neckline. 

☆ Tip ☆

Understitch is stitching only the facing and the backpiece. The stitch does not appear from the front but keeps the facing in place. 

- Topstitch around the slash opening.


Sew the sides, right-sides together. Overlock and press open or press towards the back, depending on your choice.

Sew the bottom of sleeves. Overlock and press open or press towards the front, depending on your choice.

Finish the hem for sleeve opening and blouse hem. Overlock and hem-stitch to hold.

Ease to match notches and sew the sleeve.
Sew over twice under the arms. Overlock the raw edges, press towards sleeves. 



Attach the button.



How to sew SLEEVE B

Follow *1* 〜 *5*



Sew sleeve as above (*6*) and then attach the frills.

Sew the sleeve-frill (袖口フリル)inside-out. Fold to show the right side. 

袖口 わ indicated is the fold. 

Sew two lines of large stitches to gather. 



Gather and attach the sleeve-fill with the sleeve as indicated. Overlock the raw edges and press the seams towards the sleeve. Finish the sleeve opening and blouse hem as above (*7*)

Back-neck Slash Opening / 後バインダー開き

















「後バインダー開き」(back neck slash opening)


1)Cut the binding fabric on a bias. 

2)Cut the line on the back piece where the opening is.

3)Attach the back piece and binding piece. 

4)Wrap the opening with the binding piece, then topstitch.

Sew the corner in a triangle shape (see diagram) to hold in place.








Loop Button / ループ釦
















「ループ釦」(Loop for button)


1)Measure the button. Wrap a strip of paper around the button you want to use. Cut the paper.

2)Cut the loop fabric on bias. 

Length is (length of paper + ease + seam allowance 2cm)×number of button

* The ease here would depend on the thickness of the fabric.

3) Sew the loop facing inside. Leave the thread long for using to turn out.

4)Cut the seamallowance, and the corner in a triangle. 

5)Turn it inside out by using the remaining thread. 

*You can use a loop maker as seen on the diagram. 


You can see ideas of this pattern here on our Japanese website. https://www.couleure.jp/?pid=114310816

 Contact your favourite shop where you found this pattern if you would like to try other designs!