Welcome: Why add seam allowance yourself ?

Thank you for choosing to sew with Couleure's Pattern.


Your Pattern will include the below:

1. Paper pattern / multi-size & in English

2. Detailed Instruction / in English

3. Seam allowance diagram / in Japanese



Couleure's "English & Multi-size" patterns do not include seam allowance. This is because Couleure's patterns have very precise seam allowance such as 1.2cm, 1.0cm, 1.5cm, 2.5cm etc compared to most patterns where they ask for 1.5cm or 2.0cm all around. This results in a clean-finish, well-fitted and professional-looking items.   


It is difficult to make a multi-size pattern that has a clear sewing line and a detailed seam allowance included. We believe having the correct sewing line is important. Therefore we ask our users to add these themselves while looking at the included 3. Seam allowance diagram. 


If you have had any experience with Japanese patterns you would know that most Japanese patterns do not include seam allowance. This is the case for Couleure's pattern's multi-size patterns too. It is said to come from a tradition of tailoring where patterns are adjusted and altered to individual body-shape and dress-style. 


When you are still new to sewing or familiar with a pattern that has a general seam allowance included it might feel like an extra step having to add seam allowance yourself. But once you are an experienced sewer it is useful to start with a pattern without seam allowance. You can clearly see the sewing line, you know where to adjust and where to leave as, before adding seam allowance. You can check and adjust your pattern without having to remove the seam allowance.


It might be a new technique for you but we hope you will enjoy the experience and the rewarding end-results. We hope Couleure's pattern will introduce you to a new world of skills. 


See Tutorial: How to add seam allowance