Spring flowers

Spring flowers have begun to bloom. My daughter is learning Kyudo. Kyudo teachers also teach ikebana. Sometimes she come back with such a stylish flower.

Plum blossoms have bloomed

The plum blossoms in the backyard have bloomed. It is a tree that my daughter's Grandfather planted to celebrate her elementary school graduation.



■The plum trees in the mountain behind us were in full bloom. It is as they have awoken from sleep and stretching out to share their beauty.


Bottleneck Knit Dress

■Bottleneck Knit Dress is a cocoon-shaped dress with a bottleneck, in-seam pockets and an irregular hemline that adds a modern accent. A comfortable yet sophisticated style is achieved. Crop at your preferred line for a bottleneck top.


In Japan, the style of matching one-piece with skirts and pants is popular. Let's try it !  



Occasion season.

■A new dress kit is ready.  It is very nice. 

We'll be introducing this weekend.

I used organza for the york and sleeves.



Summer dresse and party dresse

■This is an alteration made from our Summer Dress pattern [pattern 719]. One pattern can be changed into such a different style.  From Summer resort dress to party dress - both make me feel happy. 






Snow falling on snowdrops

It was snowing this morning. The flower that just bloomed was shaking.